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Consultancy to conduct the FinScope Survey 2017

Date of Issue: Monday, 11th September 2017
Expiry Date: Friday, 6th October 2017

The FinScope survey was designed to determine how individuals 16 years or older (i.e. adults) manage their money, the extent to which they use financial services to do so, and to monitor changes in levels of financial inclusion over time. It also provides insights into the drivers of uptake and usage of financial services amongst different segments of the adult population, as well as insights into factors prohibiting or limiting uptake and usage of financial services within these population segments.

FSD Uganda will be funding the 2017 FinScope Uganda survey and hereby invites eligible research firms to submit proposals for providing research services to undertake the FinScope Survey.

The scope of work covers various aspects of the survey including input into survey and instrument design, data collection, management of field work, quality control during data collection as well as the capturing of the data to present FSD Uganda and its partners with a clean dataset in SPSS and STATA formats. The scope does NOT include data analysis and production of a research report.

RFP for Consultancy services to conduct the Finscope

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