Innovative Financial Services

Under this pillar FSD Uganda provides matching grants to financial service providers, mobile network operators, financial technology companies and non-bank financial service organizations to test, pilot and  / or scale up technology driven financial services, products or delivery channels. These services should: 

  • Improve the lives of poor men and women.
  • Deliver change that lasts beyond the lifetime of interventions.

If successful, the aim is for the partnering institution to take the innovation to scale, thus impacting a wide range of individuals.  The interventions will be in the following form:


  • Providing technical assistance to partner institutions in incidences where specialized skill sets, not available within the institution, are required.
  • Where partners lack human resources because of internal constraints, paying for these so that the institutions are able to implement the solution within the required time.
  • Providing matching grants to share the risk of implementing an innovative solution.
  • Providing guarantees to pay part of a loan should a borrower default. The goal is to encourage institutions to test new products and services for which they need to acquire more knowledge to enable them take on the risk involved.


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